The bustling city of Arkville was no stranger to crime and sin, and a young warrior girl named Erika was determined to put an end to her city’s troubles. She would spend hours training her body and mind, honing her skills in martial arts and strategy, so that when the time came, she would be able to protect her city from the dangers that often prowled the city’s streets.

One bleak winter night, when she was patrolling Arkville’s streets, she stumbled upon a group of four thieves attempting to break into a jewelry store. Without second thought, she sprang upon the three that were in the store looting, while the fourth out in the getaway truck started aggressively revving the engine to signal the three inside to hurry up.

Erika wasted no time and snuck upon the one that was holding the store owner hostage. Swift and deadly in her movements, she delivered a powerful sidekick on the bandit’s neck, and the assailant was down on the floor, gasping for air. The other two turned at the intrusion, but it was too late as Erika, in two immediate and precise blows, overpowered both the bandits and was able to take them out. The one left in the truck, now anxious as to why it was taking the three inside so long, got out and called out for them. Erika, now alerted to the danger that he posed, rushed out to confront him but he had already figured out by now that they’d been ambushed.

In the time that Erika took to run to him, the bandit was already in the car, and before she could come any closer, he was off in the wind. This however, could not stunt Erika’s triumph over the thieves, for what she had accomplished had been enormous in nature and she was proud of herself. As she soaked in her victory, the owner of the store, who introduced himself as Achraf the Turk, approached her with gratitude in his eyes and offered her a reward. Erika refused the bounty, stating that she only wanted to keep her city safe. Achraf, touched by Erika’s selflessness, insisted on at least treating her to a cup of tea as a gesture of his gratefulness and Erika accepted, thinking it rude if she were to decline the offer.

She followed him into the ‘best tea shop’ (as described by Achraf) named ‘Reiki Cha’ and there she was introduced to a massive variety of teas, each with its own unique flavor and properties. Achraf described all of the teas’ specialties but Erika was particularly drawn to the two on the topmost shelf: Reiki Awake Tea, a refreshing blend that would keep her awake and alert during daytime, and Reiki Snooze Tea, a calming blend that would help her to sleep soundly at night to feel rejuvenated.

From that day on, Erika made it a habit to stop by the Reiki Cha shop before and after her patrols, sipping on the energizing potions to keep her sharp and focused in the mornings, and then the relaxing tea in evening to wind down and rest. The weeks blended into months, and all the while Erika’s reputation as a warrior girl grew. She became a beloved hero in her community for using her skills and bravery to defend the innocent and bringing hell to those who threatened the safety of her city. Despite the constant danger she faced, Erika remained dedicated to her cause, with her two blends of tea aiding in her quests to bring justice to any who felt endangered in her city.

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