Erika’s reputation as the undefeated protector of the city propagated as time passed, but with it so did her enemies. One such enemy was an evil, ambitious man named Marcus, who had a particular hatred for Erika and all that she stood for. Marcus was a master of manipulation and deceit, and a devout coffee drinker, fueling his evil ambitions with endless cups of the bitter brew, at complete opposites with Erika. He saw Erika as a threat to his plans for domination, and vowed to take her down at any cost. And so, he set out to devise a plan to defeat her once and for all.

It was a starless night when Marcus finally made his move. Erika was on patrol as usual when she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her side. She turned to see Marcus standing behind her, a wicked grin on his face as he wielded a poisoned blade. Acting fast, Alena fought back with everything she had, but the poison was strong and she could feel herself growing weaker with each passing moment. As the two engaged in a fierce battle, Erika could see the thrill in the coffee drinker’s eyes at the dwindling strength in her blows. He seemed to relish the opportunity to take down the warrior girl, and it became clear to Erika that he was not just an enemy, but a true villain.

Despite her best efforts, Erika realized that she was no match for Marcus in her weakened state and knew that the only way to survive now was to catch him off guards. Erika feigned defeat and collapsed to the ground and Marcus, thinking he had won, leaned in to deliver the final blow. However, as soon as he did, Erika, with one final burst of energy, grabbed the poisoned blade with its ornate handle and thrust it into his chest, watching his tunic as it turned from grey to crimson. Erika felt remorse and guilt in watching Marcus’s life slip away and although she knew that this was not the kind of victory she had sought, but it was the only way to protect her city and her people.

As she stood victorious, Erika couldn’t help but wonder what had driven Marcus to such evil. He had lusted for power and control and had let his thirst for it consume him, along with his addiction to coffee. It was dawn already, as she slowly made her way back to the Reiki Cha tea shop, proud that she had proven her worth as a warrior girl and had maintained the thin peace Arkville always rode on. Sipping on Reiki Awake Tea, she looked out at her sprawling city and let the sweet blend and her love for Arkville and Liam consume her.

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